Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I didn't need a block heater before now and other things I'm going to miss about Ontario

Today I'm a little sad. It is minus 27 degrees in Swift Current; minus 35 with the wind chill. (1 degree in KW; no wind chill.) Yesterday I went to CAA and got maps and travel insurance. Today my car came back from the shop in 'ready to go' condition - (albeit without a block heater; I have to get one put in next fall.) It's sinking in; I'm really leaving.
I got an email from Aunt Cathy with her and Uncle Andrew's love and support (Thanks guys!) but it reminded me that I will be missing Andrea's shower and possibly her wedding. My friends are buying concert tickets. They are going to see the Hip and No Doubt. Tom Cochrane & Red Rider are touring this summer. None of them are coming to Saskatchewan. I'm going to miss summer concert season at the centre of the universe - the greater Toronto area, for the uninitiated. I look forward to summer concert season the way small children anticipate Christmas.
Last week I was told that the first Pizza Pizza west of Ontario is opening up in Swift Current. They just got their first Shopper's Drug Mart. Their malls close at 6pm every night except Friday. Their libraries are not open every day of the week.
In comparison, I am coming from a place where you can get just about everything at just about anytime. In Ontario we are a place to live and a place to grow, oh Ontari-ari-ario, but we are also an over-crowded place to rush around like the world is on fire. We want it all, right now and we want you to get it for us.
So if I get out of a mall containing every store imaginable at 9pm, I can still party until 3am. Then I can get pizza and visit an all night Shopper's. Sleep? Who needs sleep? We have 24 hour arcades and bowling and movies until 3am. And coffee. Boy do we love our lattes out here! The closest Starbucks to me is 1 hour and 45 mins away out there. There are only 15 in the whole province. 15! In Toronto, there are four Starbucks and two Second Cups at the Eaton's Centre alone. Regina - a two and a half hour drive from me - has the province's only two Second Cups. (There are more than 50 Second Cups and 322 Starbucks in the land of plenty, aka Ontario, in case you were wondering.)
I'm leaving my home and my family for someplace completely foreign. Yes, it's the same country, but in this sense, it may as well be Mars. It's cold, it's flat, it doesn't have lattes and I need special equipment installed in my shuttle to live there. And that's just for starters!
I was told to expect some culture shock. I don't think I really understood what that meant. Maybe I still don't. I guess I've been spoiled, but I'm sure going to miss this place. *sighs*


Anonymous said...

Words of encouragment.

- Right next door to the Swift Current office is the most wonderful coffee shop in the world ... .

- Their Chai Latte is no match for star bucks - but the Lattes, Caps, London fogs and variety of light, medium, dark and organic blends are fabulous.

The girls that run it are amazing and all the baking is done FRESH! sometimes you go in and can actually smell the cookies baking (my favourite a wonderful White chocolate Cranberry Cookie) ...

- oops ... name of coffee shop is Urban Ground -

There is also a Pharmasave here (very similiar to Shoppers and i some ways better - Which is open Late ... not all night - but Late.

I just bought a beautiful Scarf from there.

I still miss getting my oil changed after six ... but ...

As for the block heater - you will soon realize that we live in "the banana belt" of Saskatchewan. There are certainly cold days ... but we have these wonderful things called Chinooks that blow through all winter long.

Note - just the week before this last cold snap we were enjoying beautiful above zero weather.

I even wore flip flops to the to store.

When you move here there will be things you hate ... but as time passes most begin to embrace them!

Elizabeth said...

Oh thank god!! I was beside myself with grief about the coffee!!

I know I will love it and I am REALLY excited. I'm all ready to embrace the newness, I'm just... *sigh* trying to get ready to let go of one home and exchange it for a new one.

Thanks for the advice and the encorraging words. I need them :D

SARcasm said...

I've been thinking lots about you and this adventure you're about to go on - I know it's exciting and scary all at once right now but trust me there will be at least one blog post over the spring/summer where you can't imagine what you were ever worried about - especially going by what Dizzie has to say. :) And if I'm wrong - nothings unchangeable. You know Ontario will always welcome you back with open arms, for a visit or otherwise. :)

Patti-atti said...

Hey Liz!
Best of luck with your adventure! This is what you have been waiting for! Years of school - all the ups and downs, you are now a professional reporter - and hey, we're only young once, I'm glad you're taking advantage of it!

Hope you enjoy life out West!

Take care!