Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three newspapers; one reporter

Well, news travels fast and as previously mentioned I am moving to a town called Swift Current in Saskatchewan. I will be a full-time reporter there, but I will be working for, and thus published in, three different newspapers.
With the economy as it is, each under-staffed paper could not afford to hire it's own reporter, but by combining their resources they were able to afford me. (I guess I don't come cheap! lol.) So I will be a full-time reporter/ photographer all over southwestern Saskatchewan.
Below are the links to the papers I will be published in. There is an extra link to the Prairie Post, which has a cool on-line paper feature. You can view and read the paper in the exact same format it was printed in. I heart this feature.

The Prairie Post:


The Prairie Post online paper feature **NOTE: I am published in the Prairie Post EAST**


Maple Creek News-Times:


The Shaunavon Standard:


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Anonymous said...

Like the new look. Added your papers into my favourites so I can watch for your stories. Good Luck. I will miss you.