Friday, March 6, 2009

The travels of a little green car - Part one

Hello all!
As many of you know, I have a new job out west. I will be starting as a reporter/ photographer at the Prairie Post, Shaunavon Standard and Maple Creek News-Times on March 23rd. I leave my home, sweet home, in Ontari-ari-ario on March 19th, heading west.
In preparation for the trip I have been overhauling my car. A little green 1996, Toyota Camry that I bought back in November. It has a 2.2L, 4cyl. engine. When I got it, it had just over 310,000 km on it. Now it has just over 314,600 km on it. And it's costing me a small fortune.
It needed a rear-left tie-rod (there was a hole in it and my wheels could have fallen off), a tire rotation and alignment, a new timing belt, all new oil seals (I'm leaking gigantic puddles on the driveway apparently), and now, it would seem I need new front mounts too (whatever those are. I don't speak car.)
When I purchased this car for just over $3K, I was told this was an "awesome deal." Oh yeah, $750 in repairs later, it's been a great deal. *rolls eyes.* Not that I didn't expect at least SOME of this.
And then there's the little problem of the vibration that will never go away because my harmonic stabilizer is broken and cannot ever be fixed properly. So, my car sings to me. Which is why I lovingly named her Harmony.
Harmony and I will be heading west soon, taking pictures of our journey along the way. I will be posting a picture of my car (once I get it washed) and trying to post as many of the pictures as I can of the trip.
I'm excited, but nervous too. If you've ever been west in a car (or at all really) let me know how it went and any advice you may have!
See you soon!

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